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Lattoferrina LPD
Lattoferrina LPD

Lactoferrin LT

A specific technology and formulation which increases bioavailability of Lactoferrin.

Our goal was to make Lactoferrin stable and bioavailable.

In order to reach this goal (stability and bioavailability), we encapsulated Lactoferrin into liposomes.

This innovative process significantly enhances the efficacy of Lactoferrin as a dermatological/wound care treatment.

Lactoferrin LT

  • Increases Lactoferrin bioavailability
  • Improves Lactoferrin transdermal penetration
  • Delivers greater resemblance with the structure of cell membranes
  • Slows down the denaturation process of the protein

Sezione Liposomi
What are liposomes?

The term liposomes refers to lipid particles whose structure is similar to cell membranes.
They mainly consist of natural phospholipids arranged in a double layer which allow for encapsulating active ingredients within their structure.
The preparation is carried out in specialized cutting-edge laboratories.

Key strengths of liposomes:

  • Natural drug delivery system
  • Selective and controlled release of the active ingredient
  • Cell membranes analogy
  • Greater absorption, penetration and distribution of the active ingredient
  • Stability of the active ingredient

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