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Lattoferrina glicoproteina naturale
Lattoferrina glicoproteina naturale


Lactoferrin (LT) or Lactotransferrin (LTF) is a natural glycoprotein which acts as a natural iron chelator.

Scientific Focus

Our studies are focused on the damages caused by iron overload, for instance NTBI (Non Transferrin Bound Iron), i.e. iron unbound to biocarriers (transferrin) and its build-up in human body.

It has been observed that free-circulating iron represents a threat to several anti-oxidative mechanisms. Free-circulating iron causes extra oxidative stress to cells, mainly through the Fenton and Haber-Weiss reactions which in turn translate into the generation of free radicals.

Free-circulating iron plays a crucial role in a number of diseases such as cardiovascular, neurological and phlebological diseases, the latter have been a key area of our studies.


Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein which can be found in our innate immune system as well as in secretions like tears, semen, vaginal secretions, and sweat.

Lactoferrin is highly effective because it chelates the iron ion with an affinity level which is 260 times higher than serum transferrin and its pH is also lower than tansferrin.

Found in great abundance in breast milk, lactoferrin is commonly known as a milk protein. However, lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein.

Properties of Lactoferrin

Proprietà della Lattoferrina

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