Therapeutic Areas

Dermatology and dermo aesthetic

TDC takes care of dermatology and dermo-aesthetic with innovative products able to cope with skin-damage as well as the effects related to post-laser treatments. Our products help to achieve visible results and meet the needs of the patient.

Wound Healing

TDC produces innovative products, designed to determine a rapid and efficient tissue repair process following traumatic events such as post-operative ecchymoses and hematomas characterized by a high presence of iron which, accumulating in the dermis, triggers inflammatory processes.


TDC researches and develops products for the treatment of anaemia. Our products are based on the use of controlled release systems that increase the bioavailability and stability of the active substances used.


TDC develops products with probiotic activity to maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota. It’s also used for the regulation of lipogenesis.

Oral Care

TDC is committed to the research, production and supply of innovative products for oral care with the aim of protecting the mouth and enhancing the restoration of the oral microbiota.

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