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We are a family-owned and managed company that was founded upon 30 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.
After working for years in the pharmacy industry (starting out as an employee and eventually owning his own business), company founder Dr. Biagio Biancardi decided to move on to the next natural step: entrepreneurship that would let him express his creativity.

80s, the start

The production and applied research aspects of the enterprise began in the late 1980s with the first galenical formulas made by Dr. Biancardi in a small laboratory within his shop. They eventually would form the basis of his new business, still today a source of inspiration for the company.

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In the late 1990s, Dr. Biancardi’s initial efforts and technical solutions came together in the veterinary field with Terra di Cuma, a brand dedicated to the health and performance of racing horses. One of the line’s most successful products is extra-strong Arnica gel, also appreciated by equestrians who use it themselves.
Today, Terra di Cuma is a national leader for the industry, known for its elevated quality standards.

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The Turning Point

The development of the business in terms of products intended for human use came gradually, originating from research and international collaborations on the role and activity of a natural molecule called lactoferrin in the human body. Given its numerous beneficial properties, Dr. Biancardi was quite fascinated by this natural protein, eventually earning numerous recognitions as the inventor of liposomal lactoferrin formulas, products whose multiple international patents are owned by the company.
TDC is proud to be one of the world’s leading technical experts on liposomal lactoferrin molecules, the focus of the company’s scientific efforts.

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In recent years, TDC Technology Dedicated to Care has based its business strategy on international expansion and increased investments in research and development.
It therefore comes as no surprise that the company has opened a new industrial plant in Italy for the production of liposomes for dermal, ocular and dietary use. In terms of research and development, TDC has recently set up a branch in Barcelona, dedicated to applied research.

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