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We focus on these therapeutic areas:

Ofthalmology, for your eyes care

Somilux is a patented ophtalmic solution containing lactoferinn in liposomes and hyaluronic acid, preservative-free. Somilux is able to restore the lacrimal quota of lactoferrin, effectively counteracting ocular disorders, avoiding the superimposition of microbial infections (Gram-negative bacteria) and relieving redness, dryness and stinging of the eyes. Furthermore, the inclusion of lactoferrin in liposomes preserves its biological stability and improves its bioavailability and efficacy. The product is a medical device.
Somilux is marketed in Italy and Poland.

Dermatology, for your skin health

Kelapher cream thanks to its antioxidant properties associated with chelating activity against metallic ions is useful in dyschromia resulting from hematomas, ecchymosis, post-operative ecchymosis, Chronic venous insufficiency dyschromia, non-ablative post-laser treatments, epilation and vascular lasers. Kelapher is a patented medical device.
The product is marketed in Italy, Poland, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Australia.

Kelapher 2B is useful for topical therapy of all dermo-epidermal tissue’s trophic- discromic alterations. Post-operative ecchymoses and hematomas (post- blepharoplasty, etc.), post-sclerotherapy hemosiderineal dyschromias, prevention of iron-dependent venous ulcers, varicose ulcers, pressure sores, fissures, burns, scarring of wounds, post-laser therapy (epilation, ablative and non-ablative). The product is a patented medical device.
The product is marketed in Italy, Poland, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Australia.

Gynecology, for your intimate health

Gyno Apolact vaginal capsules is a medical device based on Apolactoferrin in liposomes. The antimicrobial and antifungal properties of Apolactoferrin are largely due to its ability to bind free iron (Fe3+), an essential cofactor for microbial growth in the vagina. Gyno Apolact vaginal capsules is a medical device to be used as an adjunct in the treatment and prevention of vaginal and cervico-vaginal infections such as bacterial, viral and fungal vaginitis (candidiasis) and in all cases of temporary alteration of the vaginal flora balance.
The product is marketed in Poland.

Dentistry, for your oral health

TDC Oral care foam is an innovative foam product based on liposomal lactoferrin and vegetal extracts, specifically designed for people who have an active life and need to adapt oral hygiene to different places and circumstances. Thanks to its entirely natural antioxidant and antibacterial activity, it protects tooth enamel, prevents dental plaque and caries while maintaining a fresh breath for a long while. The encapsulation of lactoferrin in liposomes delivers high stability and bioavailability. Lactoferrin inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria by chelating iron, which is a necessary co-factor for their development. Moreover, since it binds directly to bacterial walls, it prevents the development of bacterial biofilm. Patented product.

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